Saturday, September 26, 2009

Put a Cork Lamp in It!

Chuck a deuce at our newest lamp -- it JUST DOES NOT GET COOLER, children.
Nice and tall, too, at about 45" high, give or take an inch. There's wood around the top and the base, and the original vintage shade with its nubby vanilla fabric packs a wallop. Both the shade and lamp are in fantastic condition. Our midcentury cork lamp, which will be in the shop starting Sept. 27, costs $150.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eastern Exposure South of RetroMania

Ni hao, y'all! Just a little shout-out for the folks at Butler's Antiques, who are featuring a special exhibit in the room right next door to RetroMania. They've made a new friend named Alfred Jones, a former instructor at TCU who has a collection of Asian artifacts. Butler's has fixed up one of their rooms in Butler's Alley just for the occasion and has put the items on display, where they will be for sale through Sept. 27.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Vintage Marushka Silkscreen Prints

And then along came Marushka!
The nature-themed prints that sprang onto the scene in 1971 are our latest passion. Apparently, we're not alone, because the folks at Apartment Therapy also have the Marushka monkey on their backs. The simple graphic art on tan and white linen often features sea creatures and coastal scenes because of the company's Great Lakes location. The founder, an art instructor named Richard Sweet, named the business after his wife, Mary ("Marushka" is a Polish form of the name "Mary.")
So romantic!

The small ones (each is 16x14) are $20 each, and the large one (18x24) is $50; all three are available for $80.