Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fort Worth 'Mad Men' Fans, Start Your Bidding!

Dashing Don Draper and his buddies didn't steal EVERYTHING when they left Sterling Cooper -- their awesome office furniture stayed behind, and some of it is up for grabs on eBay!
Sure wish the Peter Hvidt chairs in Don's office were among the goodies, but there's still lots of cool stuff to choose from -- everything from Pete Campbell's office settee (surely the one on eBay is too small to be the one in that very special scene with Peggy) to the fantastic abstract art in the conference room (top photo) to the numerous black chairs on casters in "the bullpen" (below).
Oh, yeah, and vintage clothes aficionados will be salivating over this: Three dresses worn on the show are also up for bid. How cool would it be to catch Los Noviembres at Scat Jazz Lounge decked out in the outfit shown here, the one that Betty wore to the Stork Club. Just go easy on the champagne, OK?
To add to the temptation, shipping for many of the sofas, desks and other large furniture pieces is FREE. The 10-day charity auction ends Sunday, with proceeds benefiting City of Hope, a medical and research institution dedicated to fighting cancer.