Wednesday, June 20, 2012

RetroMania Continues Its March to World Domination!

We don't generally get into brand-new stuff, but here goes: RetroMania's added a new location, at Montgomery Street Antique Mall! You know, the one off I-30 and, um, Montgomery Street. We're on Aisle 4, not far from the front desk at the main entrance: a great spot and really convenient. Come see us, yo! And while we're dropping news on you, we wanted to let you know that our shop at Butler's Antiques will be closed during July and August, as Butler's continues upgrades.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Luxury on a Budget

There's just no getting around it: This belted loden-and-cream coat is absolutely stunning — and uber feminine. Who wouldn't look like a midcentury goddess with miles of soft silver fox fur framing their face?
If you're into a more recent era, the sleek sheared mink bomber was once worn by Bianca Jagger. (Just kidding. But can't you just see her wearing this over some slinky disco duds?)
RetroMania is kind of excited about finding this Russian "watch" hat. Julie Christie looked so great wearing a fur hat in Dr. Zhivago — girls with long, straight hair can really rock that look. What's extra-cool: It's from the U.S.S.R., comrades! Inside are the letters "CCCP," the Russian abbreviation for the Soviet Union. Do svidanya!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cutting-edge Vintage Fabrics

I love beautiful vintage fabric and I can't say no to some of the fantastic midcentury textiles that I come across from time to time. Yet I haven't operated a sewing machine since I was in junior high!
But the hoarding had to stop. Here are some fabrics that have left the dark drawer and are now in RetroMania. It's high time for some creative Etsy types to let these beauties shine — as amazing skirts, dresses or tops; on pillows or chairs; or as very cool curtains. For more eye candy, get a load of one of the midcentury master designers, Lucienne Day, whose designs went on everything from carpets to towels to teapots. It'll take your breath away.