Sunday, April 19, 2009

Swivel sizzle

This sleek, two-in-one coffee table doubles your options:  The smaller piece swivels to fit under the big daddy when it's just you; bring junior out when it's time to entertain.  


  1. A very discerning editorial director of a hot, hot, hot new magazine (based right here in FW!) now owns this piece. We have a surfboard coffee table waiting in the wings -- any takers?

  2. Ahh. Refinished one of these very recently for a dealer here in Dallas. Awesome design!

  3. I was just telling a fellow MCM enthusiast that I spotted another "swiveler" in Austin at Hog Wild at 100 E. North Loop (shoulda bought it).
    It's a great destination for MCM fans, because Room Service, another hot vintage/retro shop is just across the street.